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Istanbul 3rd Airport (known as Istanbul Grand Airport) is the biggest airport in Europe covering 76.5 square kilometres of land. Immediately after the contract signed between Aden and IGA on 24.03.2016, the works have been commenced. The contract includes;

Terminal Building: 244.000 m²
Pier Blocks: 136.000 m²
Fixed Linked Bridges: 27.000 m²

407.000 m² standing seam production in total.

145 mm ribbed trapezoidal sheets specifically designed for this project have been used in order to be able to ensure maximum acoustic insulation at roof level, thus 46,3 DB sound insulation has been achieved. The U-value of this combination is 0,30W/m2K. Besides, to prevent thermal bridge occuring, specifically manufactured fiber glass reinforced holders have been used for this Project. 41 meter long special panels have been used to achive waterproofing as well. Moreover following the second contract signed between the parties on 23.11.2016 Aden Metal has been granted with entire skylights existing in the project. In this regard 150 pcs in Pier Blocks, 311 pcs in Terminal Building totally 461 pcs skylights available in the project. The distrubutions of these skylights are as follows;

Skylight Type A: 135 pcs
Skylight Type C: 1 pcs
Lineer Skylight Type D:
Skylight Type E: 6 pcs
Skylight Type F: 4 pcs
Skylight Type G: 4 pcs
Skylight Type H: 276 pcs
Skylight Type K: 1 pcs
Skylight Type I: 14 pcs

totally 31.000 m² skylight area is available in the project. Schüco System has been opted as a framing members of these skylights. All performance tests have been carried out both on site and FTI Laboratories. The World’s greatest airport having been erected in a lump, all roof and skylight works have been carried out by Aden Metal.


Istanbul grand airport


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